Coeur industriel du Khorvaire, la Brélande est surtout connue pour la cité cosmopolite de Sharn, plus importante communauté du continent et port majeur de la côte méridionale. La Brélande fait également office de passerelle vers le mystérieux continent du Xen’drik. Le roi Boranel, épris de son peuple, y a établi une monarchie parlementaire. Le climat, chaud et humide au Nord, est quasi tropical au Sud.

The following turns of phrase are uniquely Brelish.
“Oeil d’ogre !” “Mince !”
“La Dague t’emporte !” Exprime la colère ou l’ennui, se réfère aux courants rapide de la rivière Dague.
“Pisse de Tour !” “Ridicule !” – se réfère aux écoulements d’eau qui tombent des tours de Sharn pendant la pluie.

Bartis Lonn, a wheelwright from Galethspyre, shares his thoughts about foreigners, and his opinions reflect those of Breland’s popular majority:
Aundair: “Magic is all well and good, and Breland has as much arcane might as anyone, but the Aundairians drink up magic the way they drink their fancy wine—quickly and to excess. They fought well during the war, but we could have beaten them.”
Breland: “This is the greatest country in the world. We have the greatest king, the strongest army, the largest cities, the most land. We’re all about freedom and hope and honor, and while we’re extremely humble, we also know that we’re the best in all the land.”
Cyran Refugees: “King Boranel has extended the hand of friendship to these poor souls, so who am I to disagree with the king. Still, you have to wonder what they’re doing out there. They even named their settlement New Cyre. Is that sad or what? And a little disturbing, if you ask me. This is Breland, after all, not Cyre reborn.”
Darguun: “We’re trying to live in peace with the goblin nation, but I’d like to see some evidence that those savages are doing the same. I hear that their leader isn’t as in control of the place as he made out to be during the Treaty of Thronehold meetings.”
Droaam: “Monsters of all kinds live to the west. Nation? Not likely. Savages, that’s what they are. King Boranel once met their champion in single battle. Did you know that? Beat that ogre to within an inch of its life and then let it go. His heart’s too big sometimes. Too big.”
Eldeen Reaches: “We fought the Reachers more than once during the war, and both sides remember the pain and suffering those battles caused. Still, trade with the Reachers is good, and I love it when Eldeen fruits reach the market near my home.”
Karrnath: “We didn’t fi ght the Karrns very often, but when we did we gave as good as we got. That’s a powerful and scary bunch living up there in the cold. Makes them hard and formidable. And more than a little cranky. And what’s all this talk about using undead to fight for you? Creepy. Still, I’d rather fight against them.”
Lhazaar Principalities: “Pirates every one of them. They even tried to take Sharn by sea once. Or was that Karrnath? When a Lhazaar ship appears in the harbor, though, you hold onto your purse with one hand and your sword with the other and hope they’ve come to trade not plunder.”
Zilargo: “A land of true friends to crown and country. The gnomes have done right by us over the years, and I think we’ve done right by them.”

Hommes: Alain, Beren, Cord, Curlot, Destir, Duran, Erix, Jovi, Kaine, Kuven, Laren, Lis, Maal, Minyu, Nelt, Norn, Oarsen, Pater, Pol, Rand, Reesir, Saal, Stend, Tars, Teesen, Uthar, Verden, Vorj, Werem, Wrogarr, Yelfis.
Femmes: Aanna, Alike, Beaf, Channa, Dabren, Delru, Elazti, Fromm, Gersi, Glenas, Habra, Heeson, Isti, Itlani, Joherra, Ket, Khaal, Lorsanna, Margu, Maril, Monesti, Narcy, Nebra, Penti, Riki, Soranda, Tabin, Tolri, Wroaan, Wroenna.
Patronymes: Aggan, Bakker, Colworn, Devir, Ebinor, Faldren, Graccen, Helmworth, Jonz, Kemble, Lanner, Lonn, Makker, Morrus, Nelview, Perryn, Riston, Roole, Smyth, Snarik, Thorn, Toppe, Wrighten.



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